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Technical translation is the translation of engineering-related documents that have technical jargon and terminology. Once you have a technical blueprint at hand, you wish to communicate with other engineers, companies, or branches which have a language that is different in which the document exists. You need a professional translator who is adept at the use of language and has a vast technical vocabulary, and if possible good technical knowledge. In the age of multinationals and engineering being the hub of human progress, it becomes quite imminent that you need a technical translation. The ordinary translation could jeopardize your work in designs, all you need is almost perfect technical translation verbatim. The various technical documents that demand good translation could be

  • manuals
  • specifications
  • guides
  • standards
  • drawings
  • tender documents
  • patents, etc.

Moreover, the technical documents come in a variety of forms, and each kind of document has its translation requirements. The various forms of file formats of technical documents are

  • MS Word
  • PDF
  • Autocad
  • MS Visio
  • MS Excel with macros
  • MS Powerpoint

It might be a case study, or technical research, or a drawing or engineering design, we will translate anything technical for you.

Our translators

Our technical translators are subject matter experts, usually, they have a technical degree and enough expertise to understand any technical document. They are native language speakers of the language in which the translation is required, and of course, they have extraordinary language proficiency.

You can depend upon us for all the technical translations for, we have almost nine years’ experience in technical translation.

We offer top technical translation services in Chennai because we are the leading technical translation agency which is growing very fast. Contact us for accurate technical translation services 24×7 days a week.

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