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Most people consume a lot of content on the internet, mostly the content consumed is in the form of videos. The people love to watch videos as audio is almost gone into oblivion. But the speech in another language requires conversion into the language of choice of say a given person. The videos are closed-captioned which is called transcription. The conversion of speech or audio into the text of a given language script is essentially what we mean by transcription. Moreover, the podcasts or audiobooks could be transcribed so that the consumer can easily read what was there in the audio file while listening to such a file. The text is displayed on a video monitor, or video control or display of some kind.

Transcription comes in handy for those who are deaf and hard of hearing. We provide good quality audio/video transcription in Chennai.

Types of Transcriptions

There are two types of transcriptions, based on the transcription end product, verbatim and clean-read.


In verbatim, the entire script is transcripted so much like it actually is, along with slangs,utterances like oh,um etc and filler words. Whatever the speaker says is transcripted as it is,verbatim. It is good for film scripts where everything is scripted as intentional.


Clean-read just carries the gist of what is being translated, avoiding any utterances, fillers or exclamations. The audience gets the clean-read transcription. It is good for interviews.

Popular transcript formats


HTML is the format if you want to deploy your transcript on a web page. You can use screen readers to synthesize the transcript into speech for the blind.


Doc or txt versions you can keep depending on whether you require a formatted (DOC) or unformatted (TXT).


If you want to give the end users a non-editable transcript document,then PDF is the format to go for. MOreover, PDF is easy to upload to the internet.

Best and Popular Transcription Services in Chennai.

We offer Indian and foreign language professional transcription services

At Honey Translation Services, we offer professional transcription services for large media houses or libraries.

Benefits of good transcription

Good transcription helps bridge communication gaps,and makes one enjoy what otherwise was inaccessible. There are three benefits of transcription that is awesome, these are as follows


By transcripting, the text that was earlier unreachable for the persons with disabilities or those of different language or culture becomes all of sudden accessible so that they can enjoy the program or video or podcast, whatsoever is the item.

User Experience

Good transcription enhances the user experience as more users can access the media, as such they tend to spend more time on the website or page where transcripted media is posted.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine crawlers cannot crawl the audio or video content, but if the transcript to the content  is available, the search engine easily crawls the content, and thus yields better rankings.

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