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Multimedia is a presentation made by combining various elements like image, text, audio and video. To woo the customers all the elements, have to be consistent, and as multimedia presentations are more graphical in nature, they attract more customers from various parts of the world, thanks to the internet. Localizing the content of multimedia is again a challenging task which requires lots of experience and subject matter knowledge. Each customer wishes to see the multimedia presentation in their native language, hence the need for multimedia localization.

We offer accurate localization services in multimedia for government, public and private sectors, and we have a team of experienced and talented localization experts in Chennai.

Various types of multimedia localization?

Multimedia has diverse applications, and on the basis of these applications, the multimedia can be classified into various categories. Each category has a different method and type of presentation. Each type of presentation has its own benefits and depending upon the need to present, you can choose the type of presentation, and consequently the localization. The various types of multimedia localizations are listed below

Voice Over

Voice over is the narration that runs in the background of a video. It is recorded and superimposed on the video. The narration is read from the script by an actor who focuses his attention while recording on the target audience of the video.


You must have noticed sometimes the text appears as closed captioning on the screen when actors are speaking to each other. The text is added on to the video by a translator, who translates what the characters are conversing about. The process is called subtitling.


Many a time, it will be required that the cultural context of the target audience be added by mixing sound to the original sound production. This process of mixing sound to the original audio is called dubbing, and it is the most important way of attaining multimedia localization.

Graphics and the text

Adding graphics and modifying the text is done to the multimedia content most of the time while presenting the content to the target audience. For instance, the date format or the currency symbol must be adjusted according to the country for which the presentation is being shown.

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