Multilingual Android App Localization Services in India

Android is the most popular operating system for smartphones, so much so that wherever you go, you are bound to find an android user. With so much visibility on the internet, it is more likely that android apps are used by a wide audience. So naturally, the android becomes the most localized smartphone on the internet.

If you are an android developer, you must realize that sooner or later, non-English speakers are going to use your app. Hence it makes sense to customize the android app you are creating for the mass consumption by localizing it.

For the android developers, it is most important that you localize the android app by considering the following issues related to android app localization

  • Noun pluralization with Android quantity strings.
  • Date-time localization

Note that you must stock up the language resources while localizing the android app, thus preparing the android content for multiple languages. Also note that the most of content should be put in the resource files.

Attain global reach with android app localization services in Chennai that are accurate, consistent and best in the translation industry

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