Trusted and Branded Business Grade
E-Mail Hosting Service

Business Grade E- Mail Services

Avail of trusted and branded business grade email service which is fast and secure with a reliable business email address. Welcome to corporate class email from India’s #1 business email hosting service.

Exclusive Business Grade Email Hosting Services

Take the Business Communication to Next Level by Business-Email

Business email hosting provides you with customized email addresses at the domain name you have purchased. Now you can have  business communication at your domain name which makes good sense that you are adding professionalism to the communication by adding the domain  name to your email address.

We at Honey Translation Services cater to professional and business class in providing reliable and secure email hosting.

Other Benefits of Having a Business Grade Emails

Other Benefits of Having a Business-Grade  E-mails

  • Exclusivity is the primary gain of having an email address.
  • You get additional mailboxes
  • It improves perception of your business as they say the first impression is the last impression.
  • Many sites require a custom business address to collaborate with them.
  • The brand awareness increases as the people tend to remember by your domain name.
  • The addresses are easy to remember.
  • As your visibility improves, you tend to get more business, and hence more ROI (return over investment)

Why us ?

We are the best email server hosting provider in Chennai.

You get trusted business-grade email

It is secure and fast business email-hosting.

The most branded professional email service provider with plenty of satisfied customers.

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