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Technology has grown by leaps and bounds, thus facilitating the interaction with people of other countries and cultures. For example, an app developed in one language, must be developed in the other languages as well. This is called localizing the content for suitability to other cultures.

For meeting success in the technology sector, you must have a reliable and competent partner who can understand the needs of customers and could work on the deliverables focusing on the recent developments in the IT sector since the sector is ever changing. Yes, we offer multilingual translation services besides, high quality translation and localization services in the technology field .

Next, the content must be localized to suit the regional requirements featuring language, style, culture and local preferences. Your content must complement the UIX/UX you have developed. And at no time, the content should conflict the design.

Different types of technology translation services

Software translation

Software is the hub of commerce and is found in every aspect of modern day living. Naturally translating software is in huge demand by the technology companies.Most of the technology companies don’t trust the computer aided translations, for they very well know that human touch is as important to translation,as it is to software development. The main types of software translations are in the form of websites,technical manuals,AI translations and translations for customer support.

Network Infrastructure translation

Network Infrastructure focuses on the resources needed to connect network pathways, which are usernames, passwords, applications and softwares. We provide translations of such resources.

Patent Translation

Nowadays, every patent requires the usage of technology and to register the patent and make it available for common usage,you might have to translate it into several languages, and we help you to attain your objectives.

Internet of Things translation

IoT are the devices that are used to monitor an appliance which could be refrigerator, air conditioning etc. and together forms the internet of things. The software, documentation, case studies of the IoT products may require translations,and we accomplish them with a style.

Medical Devices translation

The manuals and other documentation of medical devices need translation when exported to foreign countries around the world.

Consumer Electronics translation

The operating instructions of electronic devices demand attention, as they have to be translated and we can do that. Contact us for technical translation services for the technology industry.

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