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Market research is one of the most sought after services in the digital world where the competitor’s performance, market trends and the target audience profiles are studied in great detail. The in-depth look into the creative and communication strategies will reveal a lot learnt from the market research.

We are an independent market research company based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu , and a leading provider of market research services in Chennai. We also help you in having a peek into the competitor’s creative marketing strategies. We hold independent marketing research and no.1 market research agency eyeing the independent marketing research.

For new product launches, require some dedicated effort to see it through new markets. Our skilled researchers will find and designate the new markets and consequently draw out the required product features supported by market research. They will emphasize the product features that will suit the particular market and release them as a part of the product.

What does our best market research involve?

There are certain activities that form the core of our market research and without which there will be no product launch. These activities involved in our market research are

  • Peer group development modeling
  • Project evaluation
  • Market assessment
  • Benchmarking
  • Data mining and segmentation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Industry trend forecasting

We proceed with peer group development modeling in which influencers in the peer group are recognized and how they impact the behavior of other members is studied. Who are considered the ideal role models for the group ,and how do they influence the other group members. The model is developed and studied thoroughly. It is the most important activity of market research. Based on the study, the project is evaluated and weighted with the above conducted study and finally the market is assessed. The assessment of the market is based on many parameters, the language being one of them.

The benchmarking is stipulated to measure the consumer behavior against which the product features are highlighted and canvassed in the public through advertising in the social media. The technology plays an important part in the process as data mining and segmentation is followed up with competitor analysis and finally the industry trends are forecasted.

Market Research services

  • Questionnaire/ Survey Design
  • Survey Programming
  • Telephonic Interviews
  • Web and Email Surveys
  • Data Analysis and Coding
  • Verbatim Coding
  • Visualization and Reporting

Independent Market Research Agency in Chennai

The Market Research Methodology

Setting out market research goals and objectives

Market research goals are decided upon by the researchers. It includes setting up the parameters or metrics to cover, the objectives to achieve and customer profiling to do. The customers’ demographics and psychometrics are noted down, and finally segmentation of the geographical area is done. In all the process, the cultural factors affecting the profile and behavior of the customers are studied

Laying out the research design

We lay out the research design to know the market condition and competitors’ strategies to influence the market with their strategies. The design is a complete discourse on your position vis a vis competitor’s agenda and profile.

Developing the means to collect data

The means of collecting data play a very crucial role in determining the course of market survey. The instruments that will provide the way for data collection are very important to consider in detail.

Data collection

Collecting the data is all about market research. The more data you collect under the various predefined parameters, the more the chances are for the survey to succeed.

Data quality checks

The collected data is checked for the quality. Any inconsistencies and Eros in the data are rectified for the data beneficiary. The data collected is stored in a central repository where the quality of data is measured.

Perform data visualization to carry out the analysis

The analysis of the data is the most fruitful method when you begin to see the benefits of your efforts.

Final reporting

Finally the data report is rendered into a meaningful report format and is forwarded for presentation purposes.

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