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We are India’s best web hosting provider and ours is a India’s #1 trusted web hosting company. We can make you reach for stars, as you gain sales and good traffic with our high quality web hosting services.

Leading and #1 Web Hosting Provider in Chennai

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the service that lets you publish web pages on the internet for access by the users from any region of the world. The services that are provided by the web host let you manage the website over the internet. The web host has access to many related technologies helping the users to post data to the database on the server at their end.

The web hosting service or simply the web host requires you to possess a domain or the website address, if you don’t have a domain, they will buy one for you. The connectivity of the web browser to the website comes under the functionality offered by web hosts.

At Honey Translation Services, we provide the service of web hosting at very cost-effective prices. In fact, we are the leading web hosting provider based in Chennai. We are your friendly, reliable and innovative stop for all your web hosting needs.

What are the Web Hosting Features we Provide?

There are many dimensions or features associated with web hosting service and we do provide these features at India’s #1 web hosting company.

Email Domain

Once you get a domain, it can be extended to furnish an email domain which is basically an email address @your_domain_name.

FTP Access

FTP is a file transfer protocol that lets you share files or transfer f iles to the remote computers over the internet. The files are transferred to the web server that hosts your website.

WordPress Support

WordPress is a content management system(CMS) enabling you to create and organize your content. We provide the WordPress support to your website so that you can manage the web hosting website by using WordPress.

What are the Benefits of Web Hosting Service?

  • The web hosting service hosts your website and makes it available 24/7 days a week. You don’t have to worry about the power breakdowns or outages.
  • The web hosting service provides troubleshooting help to debug the scripts in case anything goes wrong.
  • You get professional hassle free experience

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