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Best Website and Mobile app Localization in Indian and Foreign Languages

In today’s world, mobile apps are found everywhere on the planet. Whether it is android,iphone or windows phone,mobile apps are the default standard for smartphones to work. Nowadays, almost everyone owns a phone, and on the phone are mobile apps. With so many mobile apps, it becomes the app to talk to the users of different locales or regions. For this to happen they have to be localized.

We at Honey Translation Services, provide best and professional mobile app localization.

What is mobile app localization?

Localization (l10n) is the process of customizing your app to work in other languages other than the default. Localization can include different spoken variations and dialects of the same language, which are referred to as locales.

Why mobile app localization?

The number of mobile users in the world is 4.93 billion. So there is immense reach for mobile phones. For wider reach, localization is done.

Internationalization vs Localization

Internationalization is customizing the code while localization is customizing the content.

Mobile app localization process

The mobile app development is a process of creating an app which requires various steps in its creation.


To begin with, the mobile app enters the development phase when the code and content are developed from scratch.


The code is customized to suit different languages of the world.


The content is customized to suit different cultures of the world.


The mobile app is tested rigorously.


Only after rigorous testing, the mobile app is released to the market and the public.

Best Website and Mobile app Localization Services

Website localization

We localize the websites as websites are accessed from different geographical areas, and the cultural values of each area must be applied appropriately. You can expect the no.1 language localizations.

Why localize websites?

For wider or global reach.

Reduce customer misunderstanding or misinterpretation.

More sales.

For best website localization by one of the top translation agencies of Chennai, come to us.

Website Localization process

Project initiation

The project is initiated by client’s approval and upon the understanding of the client’s brief the initial documentation is prepared.

Project Execution

The project is executed by the export translators and localizers with the help of content writers.

Quality Assurance

Before delivering the project to the customer, it goes through a thorough check for quality when every bit of content is checked to mean sensibly and accurately in regard to the local culture and beliefs.

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