A Note from the CEO

First, I, the founder and CEO of Honey Translation Services, would like to extend a congratulatory note to everyone for living in the times where technology rules the roost and that everything is within the global reach. Much of this has become possible because of the strides and leaps made by man in the last thirty years or so.

As the means of communication has improved, there is an increase in the responsibilities and duties of all of us. In a competitive world like today, staying ahead and being focused is a daunting task, given the plethora of languages man speaks worldwide. But to make the tasks of communication easier and for sculpting the future, we, the Honey Translation Services have taken upon ourselves to break the communication barriers and enrich the lives of every folk alive on the planet.

In my stay at the helm, ever since the start of this venture of translation, I have been in close touch with the people and the companies looking to forge ahead through the usage of our certified translation and other services. I am quite satisfied with the success met by our clients who have made me the best business leader. I have felt the satisfactory vibe of every client and we as a company have delivered the very best. And there will be no room for complacency and we must continue to move ahead in the blink of time.

We have our goal, mission and vision, clearly set up before us and all that we need is a spark of creative effort in rendering the services in the domain of languages. Language to me is almost sacred, as most of the texts in the sacred books, first took shape in the oral dissemination of thoughts , ideas and opinions . I venture to preserve the heritage of human by cultivating all the goodness in languages and winnowing away what is redundant and superfluous. May the support from our top executives always be there with us.

I am committed to the fullest to make a positive difference not only among our clients, but also in the life of common people for they are the true torch bearers of language and our path luminaries.

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