Staffing and Technology

Staffing and Technology

As your company grows, so grows the complexity, which the modern businesses must cope up with. To lessen the complexity and follow the simplicity requires human talent that could only be fulfilled with efficient HR policy in place in the company, and quick specialists providing top recruitment services.

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Being a one of the leading HR staffing companies, we follow a particular pattern in finding the right candidate for the job. The pattern, as such, reflects a methodology in searching for the human resources. The steps followed by us, as HR specialists, during the hr process are
The biggest challenge in the process of finding the talent is identifying one. We have many sources to look for the talent, mostly it implies online soruces.
We shortlist the ones who fit our metrics and get on our radar, from thousands of applicants, and we proceed to scan them with an interview. Lastly we perform a background check and we hire the most deserving ones among them for different vacancies laid open by different employees.
We place those hired and continue to build our relationship with the company, even after hiring. We are among top HR recruitment services providers in Chennai.
To aid translators in translating the text, we have what is called translation memory, which basically is a database storing the previously translated text in segments called translation units. We employ the translation memory to full extent while translating the documents. It is cloud-based which facilitates the retrieval and storage of the translated text. It is innovative technological solutions, highly reliable technology having a unique style and stored in system memory.

The process of Translation memory and how it works?


To use the translation memory effectively requires the planning which is essentially an in depth analysis of source text to be translated for meaning.

Target language material production

After carefully analysing the source text, comes the phase of preparing the material for translation into the target language. The target language material production is inherently recording the translation, which is done through computer hardware by interacting with the keyboard and mouse.

Revising and evaluating the produced material on screen

The last phase is revising and evaluating the quality of the produced material on the computer screen.

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