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Language is the most important tool of communication. We can’t imagine a silent world for everyone of us has the inherent need within to communicate emotions, feelings or plain simple messages. Now, to reach a global audience, one has to communicate in as many languages as there are countries in the world. Just translating the text from one language to the other is not sufficient enough. What is required, we have to localize the communication message to the particular area of a country. For that you need the language localization services.

The language localization is referred to by the numeronym “L10N”, beginning with a letter L which stands for localization and followed by the number 10 which refers to the 10 characters in the word localization, starting with alphabet o and ending at o, just before the last alphabet n.

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Translation vis-a-vis localization

There is a subtle difference between translation and localization which must be understood clearly. Translation is adaptation of one language to the text in the other language. It mainly has to do with the spellings and grammar. Localization on the other hand, is the adaptation of text, images, videos and graphics to the cultural suitability of the other or foreign language.

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