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Whether you are an academician, a student, an author or a businessman or a corporate leader, you have written a text that requires thorough review with grammar, punctuation, editing and spell-check, we offer proofreading services that are cost-effective, fast and high on quality with your privacy assured.

What can you expect from us?

The professional editors

We have professional editors who have publishing industry experience with high class proficiency in grammar and are well read that they know the subject matter at hand very well. You can entrust your precious text to them and they will make a good job of it. We are a home to the best proofreading services in Chennai. Our editors are all humans and no bots or machine based editors who have undergone rigorous testing. You can at least be assured that your text will be done justice, and probably will stand out in the crowd.We know you want to communicate to your target audience, and we will assume the audience of your text and with that thing in mind, we shall proceed so that everything is according to and suitable to your audience. All of our proofreaders are highly experienced native-English editors.

Indian and Foreign Language Proofreading Services in India

Assured privacy

We know that  your text is important and deserves a special place in the heart of your audience. We keep it safe and secure, apart from our editors, no one will have even a glimpse of it for we believe in privacy and high security. With our professional proofreading services, we make it sure that your document is in safe hands.

Lightning speed fast proofreading

Our proofreading is based on deadlines and we meet these deadlines very promptly. We understand that you want to put your document out in the audience sooner, so we are quite fast in meeting deadlines.

High quality

We follow rigorous quality checks that measure up to global standards. We are not satisfied with the editing unless you are.

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