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We are No.1 website security agency, offering affordable website security services in India. Being one of the leading website security companies in India, you are sure to get the best security services.

Top Website Security Company in India

As the internet has boomed, there have opened a huge number of opportunities, but so have increased the global threats to security of the website. Large companies devote a huge portion of their revenue in securing their data and online assets. Bank account frauds have become an everyday thing on the internet. In the light of this, the companies are taking cybersecurity seriously.

Majority of attacks are directed at small businesses and they find themselves stranded online without any help as they have low budgets for affording website security. But  Honey Translation Services have opened the door to such small businesses as one of the leading website security companies in India.  We are providing affordable website security and you can count us in top website security companies in India.

The Types of Security We Provide

We provide web security in the following forms

Website Scanning

We help you in scanning the website for potential threats, which could be from viruses, malware, and trojans. While scanning the website, we notify you about the status of threats and their extent or degree. Once you are alarmed, you can take the corrective measure and save your data and the user records. We help in finding and fixing the threats.

Our scans are updated every now and then of new viruses and malware breaking online so that you stay protected and safe.

Malware Removal

Malware is unwanted software that is written with malicious intent to harm the website. It slows the website and affects the user experience, as a result of which you can experience a drop in sales or customer hits. The malware can come from various sources hidden as genuine software. We will help you in scanning every file and corner of the website until the site is clear of any harmful malware.

Web Application Firewall

Web firewall is an application that once installed lets you control the incoming traffic to the website. The main idea is to keep the good traffic while shutting out the bad harmful one that can impact or compromise the website integrity.  It is like a force field occurring around the website and choosing what to let in and what not to. So depend on us, the number 1. website security agency in India.

Vulnerability Patching

Vulnerability is a bug or defect or loophole in the code, which could be exploited by cybercriminals to gain unauthorized access to your website. We help you in finding such vulnerabilities and fix them before anyone else takes undue advantage of them. It is like a hole in the wall, which must be closed before someone can peep through it.

Security Against Viruses and Worms

As we are a top website security company in India, we have a database of viruses and worms as they become prominent and begin to affect websites. We give you access to such databases and help you in scanning the website in tracing out the viruses and remove them for good. For more details look into website scanning.

DDOS Protection

The protection against DDOS(Distributed Denial Of Service) IS paramount and must be taken seriously since these sorts of attacks have become commonplace today. What happens in a DDOS attack is that your website is inundated with huge incoming traffic from compromised computers forming a big network of smaller networks of computers called botnets. The traffic is so huge that your website will not be able to withstand it and finally will breakdown, leaving it open for cybercriminals to steal money, identity, and customer data

We can give you protection against DDOS attacks because we are a no.1 security agency based in Chennai with lots of experience in tackling such malicious attacks.

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