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We believe in content that is great; content that is well researched; content that is clickable; and the content that people want to read again and again for its value, language and style. At Honey translation services, we offer superior content written in the language of the native speakers, and more importantly adored by the people who just want to read informative and entertaining content.

Next thing on our mind is the content that gets views, content that gets you higher search engine rankings because we believe in providing the best content writing services. We don’t believe in sacrificing creativity at the cost of catering to the things the people want to read for we believe in changing the content writing landscape all together. We provide affordable, focused and creative content that remains popular in the future too. We are a translation agency which is a one stop place that provides popular content writing services in Chennai.

What content writing services do we provide?

  • Website Copywriting Services

Whatever your domain, we deliver the best content out there that is fresh, interesting, relatable, meaningful and saleable. Our expert content writers will write for you in the style of a native speaker and with a tone that befits the product you are selling. For personal or portfolio websites, we specialize in making you and your work stand out in the crowd.

We can assure you that with our bespoke content, you are going to go distance, making profits, enhancing your reputation and communicating the messages you want the world to hear. WIth our power-packed writing, your search engine rankings are sure to increase.

  • Web Content Development Services

It is similar to website content but with a difference that the content could be of a web application that a company has developed, for example developing the content for an IoT(Internet of Things) app falls into this category.

  • Corporate Profiles and Brochures

We write content for corporate people, building their profiles in a neat and presentable form that entirely represent their stories. The corporate profiles will be done in a manner that fits the designation of the person. We have writers that write according to the demand of the character. Besides, we write company brochures that are at par with the corporate standards.

  • Corporate Case Studies

Companies make products and the products succeed in the sense that they not only generate revenue, they but also gather love. To showcase the success of the company,we write case studies telling the stakeholders, shareholders and the customers what to expect from the company in future by highlighting their past success stories.

  • Web Sales Letters and Emailers

We are adept at writing sales letters, pitching the individual or a company to the prospective and potential customers. You can never go wrong with us that our marketing and selling strategies of writing will never backfire because we pay extra attention to the company or individual’s everyday existence and lifestyle. You can expect us to write professional emails focusing and hinging on the message you want to deliver. Yes, we do take the emailing bulk orders.

  • Marketing and Product Catalogs

The marketing data is very crucial to the success of a corporation or an organization. We let you catalogue the sensitive product data and prepare wonderful catalogues that are full of information your customers are seeking.

  • SEO Content Writing Services

Getting loads of traffic is the main objective of good content but that is only possible if the content is optimized for search engines. Search engines rank the web pages according to the quality of content, which is determined by what the users type in to search, also called keywords. The content is good if it matches what the users type in to search. This is called SEO or search engine optimization that means preparing the web page to be found by the search engines on entering of the search terms by users.

  • Social Media Marketing Content

Writing content for social media is a challenge our writers meet everyday. The social media, Twitter, FaceBook, SnapChat, INstagram,Linkedin etc share the user posts also called status that are read by the users worldwide. The companies use social media to inform the people about their research,work and other development activities. This helps them to keep rapport with their customers, and hence maintain brand loyalty.

We have writers who can achieve building a communication link with the potential customers through writing remarkable content.

  • Blog Writing Services

Blog is like a journal of entries like those in personal diaries. The companies write blogs to communicate with their audience, reporting what they deem important to them. We can help you in writing blogs that can earn some income also through advertising.

  • Newsletter Writing Services

Some organizations bring out newsletters to inform the people about their activities. This way they stay in touch with the people, which helps them to market their products to the potential customers.

  • Press Release Writing Services

We do publicity also for the companies interested in maintaining healthy public relations. We will get the content writers to voice the slogans and other advertising material to them.

  • Article Writing Services

Get magazine style articles written by competent people and those having authority on the subject. You’ll See the difference in comparing our  well-researched articles to others.

  • Product Description Writing Services

What can you expect from our copywriters?

  • Concise and clear copy
  • Well-researched and well-formatted copy
  • Relatable and saleable content
  • SEO optimized content
  • Keyword oriented copy

The industries for whom we write the content

  • eCommerce stores, and online service providers, etc.
  • Academic and eLearning solutions
  • Online Media and Publishing (newspapers, magazines, books)
  • Entertainment industry
  • IT / Website design and development companies
  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, medical equipment
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Luxury watches and jewelry
  • Toys and baby products
  • Apparels
  • Home furnishings and accessories
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Kitchen and bathroom fittings
  • Electronic equipment
  • Automotive components
  • Computers and peripherals
  • SEO companies
  • Real estate agents and professionals
  • Freelancers, web content writers, etc.

Benefits of content writing with us

Higher ranking in the search engines

More organic links to your website

More revenue through more customer conversions

Reduced bounce rate of people coming to your website

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