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Certified Medical Translation Services in Chennai by Medical Professionals.

Healthcare translation is the translation of related medical material shared by the healthcare professional with their patients and stakeholders. The most common types of healthcare materials demanding translation are technical documents, patient history, clinical drug information, illness worksheets, etc

The most common types of errors occur in medical translations when the translators are incomoetent to translate medical documents for they don\t have proper training in medical translation or they are not doctors or subject matter experts themselves, leading to grave effects on the health of patients. So choose the medical translators carefully by taking sufficient time to analyze the past performance of the translators.

We are  diligent in our translations, know our work minutely and are serious about our commitment to translation. You can contact us for high level medical translation services in India.

We have quality benchmarks for medical translation and will not compromise on the quality whatsoever might happen for we believe medical translation is a field where one mistake can have dire results on the health of the patients. So, we have strict quality assurance practice for the medical or health care translations. No wonder, we are the best translation services in Chennai.

What kinds of medical documents do we translate?

● Clinical study report translation
● Medical device documents and instructions translation
● Medical equipment document
● Handwritten medical information translation
● Hospital discharge summary translation
● Instructions manual translation
● Insurance claim translation
● Medical chart translation
● Medical journal translation
● Medical report translation
● Patient consent form translation
● Patient information translation
● Pharmaceutical research translation
● Product specifications translation
● Prescription Translation
● Scientific paper translation

Why choose us for medical translation?

For top most quality

We have an audited quality assurance process whereby you get certified translations.

For to the point accuracy

You can never go wrong with us in medical translation. Our translators have sufficient medical background, and in many cases they are the doctors themselves.

For clinical validation of documents

We can verify your documents by a doctor himself. So call us for certified medical services in Chennai.

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