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For trusted SSL certificates, we offer the best secure sockets layer services in Tamilnadu, and you can make use of our leading SSL certificate provider services. You can get low-priced SSL certificates from us.

Trusted SSL Certificate Providers in Chennai

While browsing the internet, you must have noticed extras at the beginning of the address like HTTPS://; it is not by chance, it is to ensure the communication of your web browser with the website server is encrypted, and hence secure.

But from where does the extra ‘s’ come from? It comes from SSL (secure socket layer).

What is SSL?

SSL stands for secure socket layer. It is a protocol for establishing secure connections over the internet to transmit sensitive information. It ensures your data is safely shared with the website you are interacting with.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL certificate is a security standard for implementing the secure transmission of data so that the data that you share with websites remains private.

Types of Certificates to Buy from us.

The SSL certificate is required for sending encrypted data over the internet. To protect your website from online threats, we offer low-priced SSL certificates as one of the leading SSL certificate providers in Chennai. The various types of SSL certificates we provide are

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate

This is the most expensive of the SSL certificates and is required for identity assurance purposes. For instance, if your website is collecting the data for transaction purposes like credit card numbers then you need to take this certificate. It shows the sign of a padlock, the business name, and the country in the address bar.

Organization Validated (OV SSL) Certificate

Organization Validated Certificate validates your organization and its domain. It has a moderate level of encryption and should be brought in case you don’t have funds to buy Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate.

Domain Validation (DV SSL) Certificate

The domain validation certificate, as the name indicates, validates the domain of the website. It has a very low level of security but is good for portfolios and personal blogs which want to validate their domain names, and business names.

Wildcard SSL Certificates

This certificate ensures that if you have brought the certificate for one domain, it will be valid for the subdomains as well.

Unified Communications (UCC) SSL Certificate

The Unified Communications (UCC) SSL Certificate is also known as Multi Domains SSL Certificate, has multiple domains listed on the same certificate, and thus is valid for multiple domains.

Single Domain ( SD) SSL Certificate

It protects only one domain, and for the subdomains, you have to buy another certificate.

Buy trusted SSL Certificates from one of the leading SSL service providers in Chennai, buy from Honey Translation Services. Be confident and have peace of mind. Don’t worry about security issues.

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