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Mobile apps are a fad these days. You can easily find people sitting in the corner of a room and texting on the smartphones. They are perhaps playing around with mobile  apps. As Mobile phones are everywhere, so are mobile apps, it is as simple as that. Nearly 81% of Americans own a mobile phone, and the percentage in the other parts of the world is almost similar, With the majority of people owning a mobile phone, the role of mobile apps in shaping the future is immense. With such ramifications of a smartphone, it becomes necessary that people read the content on the mobiles in their own native tongue.

 So mobile phone app developers are focusing on keeping the things neat and tidy on the mobile phone so that they are well read by the people on smartphones. This has led to the increased apps’ visibility, exposure and popularity.

We provide the best mobile app localization services platform for Windows, iOS, Android and Blackberry.

You can come to us for mobile app localization, whereby we customize the mobile app content to suit the target users’ language and culture. We are certified mobile app localizers based in Chennai.

Benefits of mobile app localization?

  • Much wider reach of visitors
  • Increased sales
  • Increased user experience
  • Positive returns on ROI
  • Keeping an eye on competition

The localization Processes

Initial planning and assessment

Our team of translators and localizers will perform the initial assessment of your mobile app, analyzing the requirements, objectives and goals of the localization process. The main objective of initial planning is to find the extent of localization needed by your app.

Content Analysis

The content then provided by the client, also called the source content is further analyzed and prepared for localization. The volume analysis is done during this phase.

Content translation and localization

Once the analysis of the content is complete, the content is translated and localized. The care is taken during the phase that the translated content meets the quality checks and is of high quality.

Deployment of content back in the mobile app

The content after translation is implemented back in the mobile app so that your app now uses the localized content


The final phase of the process flow is marked by testing, after which the tested and accurate content is made public to the global users.

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