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Legal translation is the translation of documents pertaining to law. The court documents or corporate documents, requiring the interpretation of law to them, fall into the legal translation category. We deliver faster, easier and cost-effective translations in Chennai.

The translator must be familiar with law in at least two languages, and our translators are professional experienced lawmen having good knowledge of Indian law giving easy legal translation.

The most important characteristic of translating legal documents is confidentiality which we promise to you from the start. With us, you could be sure of successful translations in the legal industry.

What legal documents do we translate?

● Contract
● Summons
● Patent and trademark filings
● Deeds
● Litigation document
● Immigration document
● Witness statement / deposition
● Legal certification
● Legal disclaimers
● Legal marketing
● Will
● Articles of incorporation
● Letters of credit
● Affidavits
● Arbitration
● Confidentiality agreement
● Correspondence
● Foreign legal text
● Government and legal ruling reports
● License
and many more legal documents which require attestation from the legal authorities like District Magistrate etc. We run a team of professional legal translators in Chennai.
Our clients are from successful law firms and we gladly provide accurate and best legal document translation, certified translation, legal interpretation to them.

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