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We are in the 21st century and all set for a digital revolution that is sweeping every country, every continent on the earth. There has been enough change in the way we market things in the past decade only, with social media, Google and YouTube doing their bit. In the US alone an average American spends about 6 hours daily in consuming the digital media content. With so much attention occupied by the digital media, it becomes imperative that we target the digital media in marketing the content. So this led to our interest in digital marketing at Honey Translation Services.

We are a renowned digital marketing company in India. We are focused on making the average digital media consumer at least take a look at our content and then if possible convert them into our customers. It is not easy But we have a budding field of digital marketing to help with our goals.

To begin with we must decide on what is digital marketing when that is out of our way, we can look into the modus operandi of digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is any promotional activity undertaken to market the digital content.

Various digital marketing services

The various digital marketing services include

Company analysis from digital marketing perspective

We will analyze your company from the marketing perspective, looking in depth at the threats posed by the competition, your strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities you can leap for in future. We will also analyze your competitors, from where you can make up a clear picture about your company position in the market.

Content Marketing on your website

We will market the content on your website through blog posts, whitepapers,landing pages, email newsletters and ebooks,as a top digital marketing agency. Your content will be available for the prospective customers to read and ponder over. The content shall be written by experienced and capable writers.

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Email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to reach the potential customers and make money online, as for every $ spend on email marketing, the returns are huge, as much as $45. It is a progressive way of getting in touch with your customers, we will draft the correct email, in the correct tone targeted at your customers.

Facebook marketing campaigns

Facebook is the in thing, the thing in vogue these days, as in every 5 minutes spent online, FaceBook alone accounts for 1 minute of the time. So with such a readership, there are ample of advertising options on Facebook to reach your potential customers.

Measure conversion rates

One thing your website might be missing is the conversion rate calculation. You must measure how many customers buy from you. We will measure your conversion rate as in many cases we will help you to double or triple it.

Website design and development

We can help you build your website from scratch or overhaul the one you are having, if you are not satisfied with the traffic it is generating. Do you know 48% of the people believe a business is of some worth only if it has a website to boast of. So take your website seriously and with our help you can make your website a profitable proposition.

Linkedin Advertising campaigns

Linkedin is a site that is best for Business 2 Business communications, as you can build good business relations with other businesses that are related to your own business. It is a known fact that 4 out of 5 Linkedin members make business decisions so you can influence their decision making in your favor.

Pay Per Click Advertising

It has been found that 97% of online interactions begin with a search engine,out of which 41% click top three ads for paid advertising. So pay per click is a profitable proposition in marketing your website.

Try Search Engine Optimization

SEO is making most out of search engine searching as 97% people go online to search via search engines. Marketing your website to match what the user types in search engines is though challenging but following the tactics of SEO it could be achieved. We will market your content with Search Engine Optimization.

Social Media Marketing

81% of the US citizens have at least one social media profile, and to reach such a good number of customers is profitable with social media marketing.

YouTube Marketing

80% of global traffic is in the form of videos and what a better place to start video marketing than YouTube. We will make videos for you to sell to the global stream of customers.

Branding and creative design services

We will get your branding done through a communications and creative strategy. We help you build not only a business, but also a brand. Contact us today for affordable digital marketing services.

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