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YouTube is the largest video streaming network in the world, the second largest search engine after Google, and the largest social media service  after Facebook. So its huge reach makes it very important for marketing purposes. We engage in YouTube marketing. Your brand deserves to be seen on YouTube. Welcome to the best YouTube marketing company, Honey Translation Services, for all your video related needs.

What do we engage in YouTube marketing?

There are typical activities that we indulge  your brand with on YouTube. These activities are as follow

  • Developing a full marketing strategy for YouTube
  • Content creation on YouTube that is video production
  • Video optimization
  • Video distribution
  • Analytics

Video production

With the immense help of video creators, editors, script writers and graphics designers we are able to create and produce videos that are high on viewership and are very creative and entertaining to watch. We make the following types of videos.

Basically we create any kind of video imaginable but most often we are asked to make these kinds of videos

  • Social engagement videos.
  • How-to videos.
  • Whiteboard videos.
  • Event coverage.
  • Video blogs.
  • On-site interviews.
  • Vox pops.
  • Corporate promos.
  • Video ads.
  • Video testimonials.
  • Training videos.

Youtube Social Media Management

Managing social media requires a good team and teamwork. With one of the brilliant marketing strategists,, we forge strategies for YouTube that are engaging and money spinning. We help you in creating YouTube channels, manage the channel, post videos on the channel, respond to user comments and analyze the analytics to perform better.

YouTube has 2 billion videos created and managed on its site. With a huge number of videos, YouTube is a very important social media option and we tend to do our best in managing the YouTube channel.

Best YouTube Marketing Company in India

Video Search Engine Optimization

YouTube receives almost 5 billion searches everyday.  We optimize the videos on YouTube so that they could be found easily by the people and figure prominently. THe important YouTube metrics worth considering are

  • Total views.
  • Average view duration.
  • Video length.
  • Keywords used in titles, captions, tags, descriptions,
    categories and channel pages.
  • Backlinks and embeds.
  • Positive vs. negative engagements.
  • Engagements (click-through rates, likes, dislikes,
    comments, shares, subscriber rates).
  • Channel authority.
  • Days since published.
  • Video description length.

Video Copywriting

To describe a video is a challenging task because on its basis, the videos are found and figure on a list on YouTube. We have professional copywriters with us who write the best copy that is searchable, engaging, and informative.

Video Syndication and distribution

VIdeo syndication is the process of promoting videos across other social media and through email. We do that and distribute videos for easy consumption by the users.

YouTube advertising

We let you monetize the videos for you to make some extra money on your channel, as we are an excellent YouTube marketing agency.

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