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If you are an author or a publishing house looking for extraordinary printing of your work, we at Honey Translation Services will provide you with quality desktop publishing that complements your work while you have good moments of having published your worthy work looking distinctive and standing out in the crowd.

In case you are an advertising agency seeking quality desktop printing, we will do justice to your creative work as you get to print  what is on your mind.

What we provide in our Hi-Tech professional Desktop publishing services is listed as follows, publishing of newsletters, Annual Reports, magazines, books, newspapers, brochures, catalogs, pamphlets, flyers, etc.

We are your one stop for all desktop publishing. For excellent desktop publishing in all languages by our experienced team of skilled DTP specialists, contact us today.

Desktop publishing demands high creativity which our skilled and professional DTP specialists possess. We engage ourselves in the projects of all kinds, sizes and complexity that our happy customers keep coming back for more,but we are not satisfied with the quantity of work we can handle, for as much you are reading this page. We have worked on almost every language, platform and format out there.

What will you get from our desktop publishing services?

When you sign up for our desktop publishing services,you will get to benefit from the following

Text Formatting

We will format your text according to page breaks, margins, headings, tabulation, bulleted lists, blocking, indenting, line breaking etc. Our expert DTP designers will use the typography that goes with the purpose of your text.

Layout Design

Graphics illustration and pagination will be free with our DTP services. We will set all the fonts, images, logos and graphics, again complementing the theme of your text.

Copy Editing

Our editors will improve the quality of text by updating the text with good and enlightened ideas, punctuating wherever necessary and checking for the grammar,

Multilingual Publishing

We give you an option to go for publishing in multiple languages for global reach.

The DTP process we follow

We follow a typical DTP process that we would like you to know. It consists of the following steps

Getting a brief

We need a brief elaborating your needs. Tell us everything about what you are going to publish or print with us and leave the how part to us.

Working on the brief

Once we have received the brief we set out to form the inputs required for the desktop publishing to begin.

Working out on the dtp software

Next, we start our work process to meet your requirements which last till the product is ready.

Performing a quality check

We perform a quality check on the dtp product we have created for you.  If everything is okay, the final product is delivered to you.

Proofreading the work

The work is proofread to remove any inconsistencies arising in the quality check, if any. And then the final product is delivered to you.

Certified Multilingual and Hi-Tech DTP Services

Benefits of Desktop Publishing with us

There of course are benefits of desktop publishing with us. These benefits are


You get top quality from the team of our professional desktop experts.


We are quick to create and publish your work. We meet the deadlines by all means.

Expert DTP professionals

The work we are doing is done by experts, so you don’t have to worry about the lacunas or inconsistencies in design and text.

Data Security

We keep all the data secure and safe. We keep everything confidential and rest assured your data is in good hands.

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