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Voice Over & dubbing

With the advent of technology, every person has got a chance to be a filmmaker when in the past it was the prerogative of only a few big producers and directors. Today, everyone consumes a lot of video-watching and there are quite many opportunities for young filmmakers to showcase their talent on video streaming sites like YouTube. But for professional video making, dubbing is one of the most important tasks that every filmmaker or video maker for that matter, must attain. We at Honey Translation Services, offer best dubbing services in India and excellent voice-overs for video translations.

What is voice-over?

Voice-over is off camera narration or dialogue delivery accompanying a video.

Voice-over techniques

Character driven

Lending voice to an animated character is called character driven technique. Actors lend their voice to different characters by giving the characters an emotional appeal and  a style according to the dialogues in a script. The actors give personality to the character they are portraying.

Creative driven

The filmmaker according to the mood of the script can place a voice or voices overlaid on the screen images which may or may not be related to the action in the scene. The famous voice-overs can be found in the film Citizen Kane. The effect usually is that of storytelling  by a person who may or may not be identified, and who is called a narrator. Usually the narrator relates the story to some period in time.

Education or descriptive driven

The famous channels like History and Discovery employ this technique of telling a story that is linked to what is happening on the screen. It can be called as screen driven too. The sports commentary and the game shows also come in this category.

Commercial driven

The advertisements record voice-overs describing the product that could or could not be related to what’s happening on the screen. Major advertising campaigns come in this category.

What is dubbing?

Dubbing is ledning  of voice by an actor to a character portrayed by some other actor on the screen.

Types of dubbing

  • Film Dubbing
  • TV Series Dubbing
  • Animation Dubbing
  • Documentary Dubbing
  • Theatrical Dubbing
  • Live action Dubbing
  • 0 and 5.0 mix while dubbing

Localization Testing Services

Why us for voice-over and dubbing?

We transcript the audio and video to text, with the speech in either case converted to memorable text. We also offer voice-over for the transcripted text that will lend believability to the story or presentation. We have professional translators that will undertake dubbing and voice-over for you.We are very particular about the quality and tone of voice in dubbing and voice-over services.It will be much pleasant and attractive as it suits the character. The actors we choose are professionals having considerable experience of dubbing and voice-over in many genres.You can never go wrong with us when it comes to dubbing of voice.

The most popular types of video content for voice-over dubbing

Educational videos

Corporate videos

Films and documentaries

Social media ads

Video sharing platforms



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