Excellent Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting Services in Chennai

Starting with Business to Business communications to conferences, the companies require interpretation. The companies around the world are looking for expansions and a lot of companies are going ahead with mergers, opening the doors for interpretation services. We at Honey Translation Services provide excellent simultaneous interpreting services while based in Chennai.

What is simultaneous interpretation?

The interpretation when the delegates can hear  the interpretation simultaneously while the interpreters are  translating. This sort of intepreration is in great demand in organizations like the U.N. Our simultaneous interpreters are known for their speed and accuracy. They deliver very accurate interpretations at lightning speed so that there is no gap in uttering of speech and the interpretation of it.

What is conference interpretation?

The conferences have many delegates from different parts of the world, speaking a variety of languages. They can be simultaneously interpreted by as many interpreters as there are delegates. There is no worry about the quality of interpretation, as the organizer can choose the quality interpreters without worrying about which languages they speak as the most of languages will be covered in the conference.

What is consecutive interpretation?

Ther smaller setups of one-to-one correspondence can easily be handled by personalized interpreters who provide quality service at a very good speed. Such one-to-one interpretation is called consecutive interpretation because there are no delays between the switching of interpreters as is the case in conference interpretation. We at Honey Translation Services deliver trusted on-site interpretations at a very cost-effective price, without compromising the quality of interpretation.

Why choose Honey Translation Services as your interpretation partner?

High quality

We are known for our quality services, as you will hear an almost perfect accent of the interpreting language. You will cherish the speech of the interpreters as they will almost certainly be of the best quality. We set very high standards for ourselves and meet the global benchmark in interpretation as well. Our skilled language professionals will keep you entertained though.

High Speed of interpretation

Our interpreters are very fast in delivering their speech in the interpreting language so much so that you will feel as if the communication is taking place without any intermediary.

Professional interpreters

Our interpreters are all professionals with extensive experience in interpretation. We take on the best interpretation services.

Best Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting Services

Good on-phone/ over the telephone interpretation services

For telephonic conversations, we provide interpretation services that are the best in Chennai and the world over.

We offer Best video remote interpretation service.

Our domain areas of interpretation


While on a trip to an exotic and foreign language country, you can make use of our interpretation services and enjoy your tour.


The legal matters require interpretation like in courts when the defendant is of different native tongue. We offer our best legal interpretation services.


The business meetings and conferences are our specialty. You get excellent and good business interpretation services at a very low cost.


The medical field offers amazing opportunities to show our skills at the languages for we excel at all the languages. You can confidently repose faith in us because our good and easy medical terminology will make even a non-medical person comfortable and able to follow the speech.

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