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Fascinating Features of Urdu language

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  • Urdu is a standardized catalogue of the Hindustani language.
  • British replaced the Persian and local official languages of North India with the Urdu and English language in 1837
  • There are between 60 and 70 million native speakers of Urdu.
  • It is the official and national language of Pakistan and an official language of six states of India.
  • In constitution of India it is one of the 22 official language.
  • Urdu is historically associated with the Muslims of the region of hindustan.
  • Apart from specialized vocabulary, Urdu is equally understandable with standard hindi, which is associated with the Hindu community.


Urdu Language Translation services

There are diverse differences between English and Urdu, which makes translating these languages a tricky task.

Honey Translation, urdu translation service,chennai agency’s English-to-Urdu and Urdu-to-English  translation is as much a etnic challenge as it is a linguistic one. Our professional Urdu translators are experts not only in the Urdu and English languages, but also local Pakistani and Indian cultures.

Honey Translations  have always delivered the required results in a timely, professional, cost-effective manner and we have absolutely no hesitation recommending their services.

Honey translation can  provide hasty dispatch  translations, even on very large documents using our certified translators. We deal with subjects like

  • advertising
  • banking
  • busines,
  • finance
  • defence
  • education
  • energy
  • mining
  • legal
  • manufacturing
  • marketing
  • media
  • retail
  • software
  • technical
  • telecommunications
  • academic and more

Thus on any occasion you need urdu translation or urdu interpretation in mind, get in touch with us. We assure to offer you the most economical, timely and accurate language solutions at all times..

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